LITTA Sustainable Bicycle Lights on Solar Energy

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LITTA Sustainable Bicycle Lights on Solar Energy. Disposable bicycle lights seem handy and cheap, but are not very user-friendly in practice. The disposable lamps do not last long and often leave you in the dark. All those empty and broken bicycle lights cost a lot of time and money, and have a bad impact on our dear mother earth. It is LITTA’s mission to provide convenient and durable bicycle lights that last.

Nice to give as a gift and to receive!

Dimensions per lamp approx. 5.5 x 4 x 1.8 cm.

Technical specifications


  • Lasts 5 hours on a full battery
  • Recharges completely in 3 hours of sunshine
  • Reloads 50% on a cloudy winter day


  • 2 LEDs per LITTA
  • 10 lumens bright (light to be seen)
  • Lens is visible from all sides


  • Permanently attached with 2 supplied tie wraps
  • Attachment possible in two ways

LITTA is available in sunny yellow, ocean blue, stormy gray and cloudy white.


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